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Photograph of Colman Pearce
Colman Pearce. Credit: Travers Photography

Colman Pearce

Colman Pearce was born in Dublin in 1938 and has composed throughout his life.

Works written in Ireland include "Three Choral Songs" (1973), "The Magi" (1976, RTECO), and his song cycle "Summerfest" which was commissioned by RTE and premiered in 1993 by Bernadette Greevy.

Most of his works were premiered in the U.S.A; most notably "Robinson, the Cat" (Missippi -- 1998), also "Anagram"(2000, Pittsburgh), and "King Cormac at Tara" (2002, Pittsburgh).

Recent works include a Yeats Song Cycle, solo works for guitar and solo trumpet; also, for solo piano: "Toccata Festiva", "Preludus and Ludus", and "Six Preludes". "The Selfish Giant" for narrators, actors and young pianists premiered in December 2015.

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