Matthew Sweeney

Born in Donegal in 1952, based in Cork currently, having previously been resident in Berlin, Timisoara and, for a long time, London. His latest collection was Black Moon, (2007) with several books published prior to that, including Sanctuary (2004) and Selected Poems (2002). A retrospective selection came out from Salt in 2010 under the title The Night Post. A new collection, Horse Music, is forthcoming in February 2013, from Bloodaxe. A satirical thriller, set in the world of contemporary poetry, co-written with the English poet, John Hartley Williams, has just been published in November 2012 by the Muswell Press under the title Death Comes for the Poets. John Hartley Williams and I previously collaborated on the handbook, Writing Poetry, first published by Hodder in 1997 and updated four times since. Bilingual selections of the poems appeared in Germany and Holland in 2008. There were earlier translations in Mexico, Romania, Latvia and Slovakia. Currently Writer in Residence at UCC.

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