Gerry Murphy

Gerry Murphy was born in Cork in 1952. and educated at the North Monastery and University College Cork (UCC).

His first collection ‘A Small Fat Boy Walking Backwards’ was published by The Commons Press in 1985 and re-issued in 1992 by Three Spires Press. His further publications include ‘Rio De La Plata and all that’ Dedalus Press 1993. ‘The Empty Quarter’ Dedalus Press 1995. ‘Extracts from the Lost Log-Book of Christopher Columbus’ Dedalus Press 1999. ‘Torso of an Ex-Girlfriend’ Dedalus Press 2002. ‘End Of Part One’ New & Selected Poems Dedalus Press 2006. ‘My Flirtation with International Socialism’ Dedalus Press 2010. ‘Muse’ Dedalus Press 2015. ‘The Humours of Nothingness’ Dedalus Press 2020. A bi-lingual selection in Macedonian and English was published in Macedonia in 2019. ‘Pocket Apocalypse’ versions from the Polish of Katarzyna Borun-Jagodzinska was published in 2005 by Southword Editions. A bi-lingual selection in French and English is due this autumn from Circe Editions.

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