M.J. Molloy

Born in Co. Galway, he became an established playwright. Nine of his plays premiered at the Abbey Theatre, Dublin, one at the Gate Theatre and one at the John Player Theatre, Dublin. Three plays were produced in London, three on Broadway in New York, and many were broadcast, televised and published. His main plays are The Old Road (1943); The Visiting House (1946); The King of Friday’s Man (1948); The Wood of the Whispering (1953); The Paddy Pedlar (1953); The Will and the Way (1955); Daughter from over the Water (1958); A Right Rose Tree (1958); The Wooing of Duvesa (1964); The Bride of Fontebranda (1975); Petticoat Loose (1979); The Bachelor’s Daughter (1985); and The Runaways (1987). He was working on The Princess of Hibernian, a full-length historical play at the time of his death.

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