Aodhán Madden

Aodhán Madden was a playwright, short story writer and poet. He wrote for stage for almost two decades now and had work produced by the National Theatre and by many of Dublin leading producers.  His first play ‘The Midnight Door’ in the Peacock Theatre in 1983 starred Ray McNally, David Kelly and Marie Kean.   ‘The Dosshouse Waltz’ (1985), ‘Private Death of a Queen’ (1986) and ‘Sea Urchins’ (1998) are just some other of his stage plays.   His screenplays include’ Night Train’ (1998) directed by John Lynch, which starred John Hurt and Brenda Blethyn.   John Hurt won the Best Actor award at the Verona Film Festival for his performance in the film.  A new film project “Skerries” saw a successful collaboration between director and playwright continue into 2006.

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