James Liddy

Born in Dublin in 1934, James Liddy was educated at University College Dublin and the King’s Inns.

He edited Arena magazine in the 1960s, and The Gorey Detail from 1977 to 1983.

His poetry has been included in The Penguin Book of Irish Verse (1970) and other collections; his own poetry publications are Esau, My Kingdom for a Drink (1962), In a Blue Smoke (1964), Blue Mountain (1968), A Life of Stephen Dedalus (1969), A Munster Song of Love and War (1971), Baudelaire’s Bar Room Flowers (1975), Corca Bascinn (1977), Comyn’s Lay (1978), Chamber Pot Music (1982), At The Grave of Father Sweetman (1984), A White Thought in a White Shade/New & Selected Poems (1987), Art is Not for Grown-Ups (1990), In the Slovak Bowling Alley (1990), Collected Poems (1994), Epitaphery (1998), Gold Set Dancing (2000) and I Only Know That I Love Strength in My Friends and Greatness (2003).

His novel, Young Men Go Walking, was published by Wolfhound in 1986 and The Doctor’s House: An Autobiography was published by Salmon in 2005. Currently he is engaged with Paul Vogel on versions of the last poems of Osip Mandalstam.  He is associated with a Milwaukee journal, The Blue Canary and is an occasional reviewer for The Irish Times.

He is professor of English at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in the U.S., where he lives.

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