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(Image: CornerRelief Autochthonous drawing 1.6.23 recto-verso / pigment is drawn up from the substance of the plane itself)

Lennon (christened Kieran Lennon) was born in Dublin in 1947. He lives and works in Dublin.

Known for his Art form: Porous Plane, which has its beginnings in the Folded / Unfolded paintings of 1969-1972.

His position and point-of-view derives from his discovery aged 12 (1959) of the Holocaust, and later, the need for a secular, formal art to underpin the democratic aspirations of the new Irish state, and from his experience of living in the post-colonial Church / State hegemony. ‘One is not born for Societies needs’ evolved his Art and his life as a self-maker.

Wary of moral meanings attaching to art, he set out to strip painting of image (Gorgon) and language (Illustration)


I assume no knowledge of people’s inner lives…that’s my position and my point-of-view : I manifest that vision directly as possible : by means of painting : to clear a way to that subject : through the synthesis of the materiality of the painting…to get as close as possible to that unknowable self… deeper than images and identities…unnameable.

The AI13M-composite is a form-of-discovery, to self discovery, on the viewer’s side of the picture plane and within the viewer’s field of vision.

Prerogatives of Porous Plane:

  1. To rid painting of the Gorgon (Image) and the Sphinx (Illustration – Language)
  2. The primacy of the single individual viewer.
  3. From matter to mind / making by principles of evolution
  4. Portability / Independence of Architecture and Place.
  5. Boundaries / Limited to the unique dimensions and the field of vision of the viewer.
  6. Non – Image / Made for eyes: Mine and Others.

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