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Lennon (christened Kieran Lennon) was born in Dublin in 1947. He lives and works in Dublin.

Known for his Art form: Porous Plane, which has its beginnings in the Folded / Unfolded paintings of 1969-1972.

(Photograph above: ADRESTUS  AL13composite painting 2019)

His position and point-of-view derives from his discovery aged 12 (1959) of the Holocaust, and later, the need for a secular, formal art to underpin the democratic aspirations of the new Irish state, and from his experience of living in the post-colonial Church / State hegemony. ‘One is not born for Societies needs’ evolved his Art and his life as a self-maker.

Wary of moral meanings attaching to art, he set out to strip painting of image (Gorgon) and language (Illustration)



I assume no knowledge of people’s inner lives…that’s my position and my point-of-view : I manifest that vision directly as possible : by means of painting : to clear a way to that subject : through the synthesis of the materiality of the painting…to get as close as possible to that unknowable self… deeper than images and identities…unnameable.

The AI13M-composite is a form-of-discovery, to self discovery, on the viewer’s side of the picture plane and within the viewer’s field of vision.

Prerogatives of Porous Plane:

  1. To rid painting of the Gorgon (Image) and the Sphinx (Illustration – Language)
  2. The primacy of the single individual viewer.
  3. From matter to mind / making by principles of evolution
  4. Portability / Independence of Architecture and Place.
  5. Boundaries / Limited to the unique dimensions and the field of vision of the viewer.
  6. Non – Image / Made for eyes: Mine and Others.

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