Terence de Vere White

Terence de Vere White was educated at St. Stephen’s School and Trinity College, Dublin (BA, LLB).

He was Literary Editor of the Irish Times from 1961-77; Vice-Chairman, Board of Governors, National Gallery of Ireland; Trustee of the National Library from 1946-79 and of the Chester Beatty Library from 1959-80; Director of the Gate Theatre from 1969-81; member of the Irish Academy of Letters (1968); Hon. RHA (1968); Hon. Professor of Literature, RHA (1973) and FRSL (1981).

Among his many publications are The Road of Excess (1945); Kevin O’Higgins (1948); The Story of the Royal Dublin Society (1955); A Fretful Midge (1957); A Leaf from the Yellow Book (1958); An Affair with the Moon (1959); Prenez Garde (1962); The Remainder Man (1963); Lucifer Falling (1965); The Parents of Oscar Wilde (1967); Tara (1967); Leinster (1968); Ireland (1968); The Lambert Mile (1969); The March Hare (1970); Mr. Stephen (1971); The Anglo-Irish (1972); The Distance and the Dark (1973); The Radish Memoirs (1974); Big Fleas and Little Fleas (1976); Chimes at Midnight (1977); Tom Moore (1977); My Name is Norval (1978); Birds of Prey (1980); Johnnie Cross (1983), and Chat Show (1987).

He also contributed to 19th Century, Cambridge Review, Horizon, The Spectator, the New York Times, and the Sunday Telegraph.

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