Michael Davitt

Born in Cork in 1950, Michael Davitt has worked as TV Producer/Director at RTE.

His collection of poetry in Irish Fardoras won the Oireachtas Prize in 2002. Other works include Ghleann ar Ghleann (1981), Bligeard Sráide (1983), An Tost a Scagadh (1993) and Scuais (1998), Dánta:1966-1998, Seimeing Soir and Freacnairc Mhearcair/The Oomph of Quicksilver (2000), a bilingual selection.

He edited Innti, an influential poetry journal in Irish, and he co-edited a trilingual anthology of Gaelic poetry from Scotland and Ireland. Versions of his poems have been published in Welsh, Scots Gaelic, Italian, German, French and Romanian.

In 1994 he received the Butler Award for Literature from the Irish-American Cultural Institute.

He died in 2005.

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