Visual Arts

Patrick Carey

Born in London, Patrick Carey was brought up in Ireland from an early age. He studied at Trinity College, Dublin and the National College of Art and Design (NCAD), Dublin.

He worked in theatre and in Radio Éireann until 1943; from 1944-56, he worked on documentary films in England. He later worked with the National Film Board of Canada, returning to Ireland in 1962 when, with his wife, he founded Aengus Films. He served on the Irish Film Committee and was a council member of the Irish Film Society. He was elected HRHA in 1970. He left Ireland in 1974, and settled in Canada in 1980.

His films include Journey into Spring (1956); Sky; Living Stone (1957-62); Waves; Wild Wings; Yeats Country; OisínFlamingo – Variations on a Theme; and The Algonquin Trilogy (1975-83). He also worked on major feature films including A Man for all Seasons, Ryan’s Daughter, and Barry Lyndon.

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