Members of Aosdána are eligible to receive from the Arts Council a Cnuas - an annuity for a term of five years - to assist them in concentrating their time and energies in the full-time pursuit of their art.

The value of the Cnuas (in 2015) is €17,180. A member may apply for a Cnuas at any time, with an outline of the general nature of creative work to be engaged in during the term, and with an assertion that the member’s earnings are not in excess of one and a half times the value of the Cnuas. Members who wish to relinquish non-creative positions in order to be engaged full-time in creative work may apply for a Cnuas, by making a declaration that the grant would make it possible to give their attention full-time to creative work. The Arts Council shall be satisfied that this is the case.

The Cnuas may be renewed for subsequent terms of five years after application under the same conditions that apply in the first instance, except that the artist must also show that a work of merit has been produced during the previous term. Cnuas recipients receive payments quarterly in advance, made automatically for three quarters in the year. The April payment will only be paid when the Council receives a written report confirming that the artist continues to comply with the conditions of the cnuas.

The names of current Cnuas recipients are published below.

Updated June 2018


Current Cnuas recipients