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Ernest Gébler

Born in Dublin in 1915, he was a novelist and playwright, and also wrote for film and television. He worked backstage in the Gate Theatre in the 1930s. He was married for a time to novelist Edna O'Brien and Carlo Gébler, novelist and member of Aosdána, is their son. His principal novels are He had my Heart Scalded; The Voyage of the Mayflower (1950), which was filmed and sold five million copies; A Week in the Country; The Love Investigator; The Old Man and the Girl; and Hoffman (published in UK as Shall I Eat You?). His plays include She Sits Smiling; The Spaniards in Galway; Eileen O'Roon; A Cry for Help; and Call Me Daddy. His screenplays include Hoffman; and The Lonely Girl, (an adaptation of Edna O'Brien's Girl With Green Eyes). His television drama includes Call Me Daddy, Women Can be Monsters; Why Aren't You Famous (an adaptation of Eileen O'Roon); Where Will I find what will Change my Life?; and A Little Milk of Human Kindness. He received an American Academy Award for his television drama Call Me Daddy.

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